About us

Who Are We?

Formerly Baby Breeze, Sweet Baby Kisses is a leading specialty retailer offering compelling clothing and accessories for children and parents. We specialize in "Mini Me" apparel. Since establishment, we've been committed to providing our customers with the best possible service—and to improving it every day.

Why Us?

Sweet Baby Kisses was created to bring you heartwarming fashion. As a retail designer, the original idea stemmed from the joy of dressing like our children. You get to wear adorable matching outfits and they get to feel like their just like "mommy" or "daddy". We want to make those memories easily accessible by bringing you fashion and accessories that help curate the experience.

Our Mission

When people shop for Sweet Baby Kisses products, they are not just making purchases; they're writing the next chapter in the story--for themselves, children and someone else. Our mission is aimed at making that chapter as memorable and authentic as possible, through unique products, personalized experience, and passionate service you can't find anywhere else.


Our office is located in the United States but we ship our products globally.